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AKW International, LLC BBB Business Review
AKW International, LLC BBB Business Review
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AKW International, LLC BBB Business Review
"The Cadillac of Row Making Tools" Juan,
Texas A&M Extension Service
"I love the RowMaker, It's
Fast & So Easy to use"
"Your RM Worked Great for
Making my garden rows"
Making rows is the hardest part of building a garden "I've been waiting for a tool like this for a long time"
" Mr. C. Penny (82 Yrs.old)
The RowMaker (RM) is a Patented, hand pulled, heavy duty, row building tool designed to save you time! On tilled soil, any heart healthy person can build perfect rows quickly and easily. The Rows are joined so well that you will not know where one 4 row set ends and the other begins. The 40' x 30' plot shown above and on the YouTube videos were rowed in under 6 minutes.

The exact width and depth of the
RM rows will maximize your time by making the sectioning of your crops very simple and predictable. You can now decide how many rows of which crop you will plant, and where you will plant them, as you look at, and study your finished rows and the space you have to work with (in real Time).

To make smaller Planting Blocks, you can split your plot in 1/2, or in Thirds (1/3's) or in quarters (1/4's) (as shown above) with our easy to make walk path system. You can further partition those larger blocks into smaller planting sections. The RM will permit
you to design a perfect crop layout without wasting your valuable time making paper layouts that never turn out as you drew them.

The RM rows will give you a choice to plant inside the row furrows or over the row mounds.
For crops like Corn, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Cantaloupes, Zucchini or Melons; a 20" row separation is done by skipping 1 Row between plant lines. For a 30" inch row separation, you will skip 2 Rows.  No tool adjustments are necessary.

For plants like Peppers, Beets, Green Beans, Peas, Turnips, Radish, & most all other plants, you will plant in row sets of 2 or 3 on the standard 10 inch rows. You will use the Walk Paths to divide your crop varieties. The walk paths will allow you to easily weed and harvest from both sides of the 2 or 3 crop row sets.

If you don't like your layout, remove the 4 blades, and DRAG the 32 inch rail over the existing rows to undo them.  You will not have to re-till your plot! You can add extra weight to the rail if you feel you need it. Next build new rows, and re-make another design layout. It will only take you a few extra minutes. 

To make the Rows deeper or fix damaged rows (from pets or kids), you simply pull the RM over the existing rows while walking in the furrows. The RM will make your footsteps disappear and you will not be able to tell the rows were damaged. You can water by hand or by sprinkler. Or if you prefer, the RM rows will make installing a drip irrigation system very easy. In a RowMaker garden, all methods will work just fine

The RM is engineered to a perfect weight to drag distribution ratio. You will be amazed at just how easy the RM is to pull, and how fast it will build multiple straight rows. You will be even more amazed at how easy it will be to create a beautiful lush Home or Commercial Garden.

The RowMaker is the ONLY Hand Pulled Garden Row making tool with a US Government Patent # 9681596. Described by one of our customers as the "CADILLAC" of Row Making tools.

The Real RowMaker is YELLOW! Don't be fooled by the cheap Red or Green copycat imitations.    
                            You Are Going To Love This Tool!
Garden Planting System
No Tools Required for Assembly or Disassembly
RowMaker® is a Registered Trademark of
AKW International, LLC; an American Company
US Patent # 9681596
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