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The New Standard in Building Garden Rows.  
Rowing, Plot Design, and Planting, has Never Been Easier!
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"The Cadillac of Row Making Tools" Juan,
Texas A&M Extension Service
"I love the Row Maker, it is so so fast and easy and simple to use" Susan
Making rows is the hardest part of building a garden "I've been waiting for a tool like this for a long time,
" Mr. Penny (82 Yrs.old)
"Your RM worked great for making my garden rows"
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You can teach the Boys & Girls Scouts about gardening. You can teach the kids at your School, your Church, and the kids that you love and care about the most. But do not forget about the kids that have no one to care about them, or to teach them. The memories that you will leave with them; of their first harvest; "the Garden" that you planted together will be Priceless. The big smiles on the Childrens young faces: The wonder in the Childs eyes; as they watch the seeds they planted grow to become beautiful plants, will be more than ample reward, as they will never forget their first garden. These are the memories, and memories like that, that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.
                                                                       May your harvest be plentiful. The RowMaker.
Garden Building System
The RowMaker is a Patented, HAND PULLED, heavy duty, garden row building tool designed to save you time! On tilled soil, any heart healthy person over the age of 12 can build perfect rows quickly and easily.  The 40' x 30' plot shown on the YouTube videos above were each rowed in under 6 minutes.

The 4 row sets are joined so well that you will not know where one set ends and the other begins. The exact height, width and depth of the rows maximizes the use of your planting space by making your planting layout predictable.

The systems easy to make walk paths
will make dividing your crop varieties very simple by allowing you to design your perfect crop layout (in real time) as you are looking at your plot, without having to waste time making a paper planting drawing that never turns out as you drew it. 

If you don't like your first planting layout, remove the 4 blades, add two, 2-1/2lb weights to the 32 inch rail and DRAG the weighted rail over the rows to undo them. Next build new rows, and make another layout. It will only take you a few extra minutes.

To fix damaged rows (by pets or kids) or to make the Rows deeper, you simply row over the existing rows while walking in the furrows. The RM will make your footsteps disappear.

RM rows give you a choice to plant inside the row furrows or over the row mounds. (See our Galleries) You can plant in crop variety rows of 1, 2 or 3, divided by walk-paths which will allow you to easily weed and harvest from both sides of the crop lines.  You can water by hand, by sprinkler, or with a drip irrigation system. All will work on a RM garden just fine.

The RM was engineered to a perfect weight to drag ratio. You will be amazed at just how easy the RM is to pull, and how fast it will build your rows. You will be even more amazed at how easy it will be to create a beautiful lush Home or Commercial Garden.

The RowMaker was once described as the "CADILLAC" of Row Making tools buy one of our customers.  Don't settle by cheap copycat imitation.                       

                             You Are Going To Love This Tool!