Below are the Five gardens we have planted using the RowMaker.
Many people offer Gardening advise and tools but we have yet to find any that show continued results of their products and techniques. This is our Fifth successful garden. We have a 100% track record of success using the RowMaker as our base garden tool. With every new garden we refine our techniques and methods. A Gardening with the RowMaker Handbook comes Free with the purchases a RowMaker. Written in easy to understand terms, their is no need for a PHD in Botany. Our manual shows you only what we have tried and proved. Their is NO theory and NO guess work. We also offer real person customer support via phone or email to anyone. The benefits of eating organic food is Incredible! 

Everything in our gallery was planted using the RowMaker's 10 inch Row Separation. One 10 inch row was
raked down to create a 20 inch separation between the Corn and Lettuce.

Click on the pictures below.
Spring/Summer 2015
Spring 2014
Fall 2014
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Fall 2015
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GARDENING  =  Tilled Soil + Fertilizer + Rows + Seeds + Water
Mother Earth and the Sun will do the rest.

Teach the kids at your Church or at your Schools, but most important, teach the kids that you care about. The smiles on their young faces as they watch the plants grow, and the memories of "the Garden" that you raised and harvested together, that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives, "will be priceless". May your harvest be plentiful!
Spring 2016