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     The one of a kind RowMaker is an 18 pound, heavy duty, hand pulled, row making tool designed to maximize your garden space, facilitate your planting, and save you time! But don't let the weight fool you, the RowMaker design is engineered with just the right balance and weight to quickly row a large garden plot with a minimal effort. Any heart healthy person over the age of 12 could row a 25 x 40 foot plot in about 5 minutes or less.
     The RM will easily and quickly build proportional sets of rows and seamlessly join them with the next set of rows. Completed rows will be of the same height, width and spacing. You will not be able to tell where one row set ends and the next set begins. The straight row configuration makes dividing and sectioning your plot simple with easy to make walk-paths that will allow you to visually plan your perfect crop layout - before you commit to planting! If you don't like your layout, rake it down, build new rows, and try another layout. It will only take a few minutes. In addition, the RM can repair any damaged rows without having to re-row the entire garden so you can plant when you have the perfect layout. How is that for saving time?
     The RM planting system gives you a choice of planting inside the row furrows or over the mounds. You will plant in row groups of 2 or 3 divided with walk-paths for weeding or harvesting from both sides of the grouped row lines. You will be amazed at how easy the RowMaker is to pull and how fast it will build your rows and how you created such a beautiful lush garden. See our video links above.
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